Sunday, February 1, 2009

SuperBowl Sunday

It's football time. Hot wings abound. Yummmm. This is the Jumping off day for the household Wallace-Perdue. Tomorrow my son and daughter in law will join me Low carb. We will start the two week induction program per Atkins. Given that, all stops are pulled out for snacks today. Anything goes!!! It will take a lot of will and determination to get back on the low carb train but I'm confident that we will succeed.
Ahhhh... nothing like big screen football. And yes we all have our 3-d glasses (thanks george!). We've chosen sides here in the house. I have chosen Steelers. Could be unpopular, everyone else is for Arizona. Go team!!!
On another note, I have stumbled upon a great low carb sight. http// lots to do, with recipes and support. Check them out. Have a great day and remember tomorrow will be a new day!

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