Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feels like spring

It feels a little like spring here in La Grande. That is if you're not in the shade. Oh, and unless the wind is blowing, which is pretty constant. The blue sky is inspiring though. Well friends and family I am still working at this point. I have not yet been bumped and am scheduled to work Monday and Tuesday. Whoo hoo. We can eat, we can drive, yes we will have made it through yet another week! God is kind.
On another note the low-carbers here are still doing well. tomorrow will be the end of week one of the "induction phase."
I am keeping myself busy playing with photoshop cs4 and all it's magical powers. It really helps to have a hobby I can take with me on the train. I don't of course use it until I get to the motel at my away from home depot. It sure does help pass the time.

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