Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here we go

Yesterday I ate PopTarts. Lovely, Chocolate, kinda like cardboard PopTarts. I was depressed, feeling sorry for myself. The job thing's not going well so yes I'm in transition and they were there. That is in fact the reason I am beginning this blog. It's a way of outing myself. A way to be real, and maybe stop myself before I do something really stupid.
I've been doing my own version of low carb for over a year now. I have lost over seventy pounds and have managed to keep them off bouncing up and down five pounds. For the most part it has been fairly easy. I really get to eat quite a variety. It's really a matter of focusing on what I can have rather than what I can't. I have read Atkins for life and generally follow that rule of thumb with my own twist.
I have discovered as most have that once you stop eating the sugar, potatoes, pasta, white flour and other starchy stuff it's fairly easy to stay on point. However once you ingest the sugar (PopTarts) it takes a lot of will to get back in the saddle again. So here I am. Beginning again. I know because I've been here before that it will take me three days of persistance to feel good again and to quite the cravings. Once I get through that it is pretty easy. One thing I have learned is to stop before it really gets out of hand. I will refuse to beat myself up.
When I first started on this journey I got into the habit of going to curves three days a week and using the elyptical five days a week. I have since changed jobs, married, moved, and moved again. The elyptical sits in storage and I haven't yet joined the neighborhood "curves". I do have access to a treadmill however so I can start there.Tommorrow morning I will begin reporting what I'm eating and my "moods" although keep in mind I am fifty something so moodiness is probably my norm. I will try to put up great recipes and when I find helpful sights I will add those.
My life consists of more than food so I will also share some of my other interests along the way.
Here we go...

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