Thursday, February 4, 2010

"just the two of us"

It used to be just the two of us here at apt. 121. We added two goldfish in a large pot on the patio last summer, making our total census count four. A while back we added four little zebra finches to our little "nest". Ah life was indeed fullfilling and grand. There were Prettyboy and Amelia a nice little couple, and Arrow and Mr speckles our "alternative lifestyle" couple. Well as of the day before yesterday little amelia has presented us with at least two little hatchlings. They are all eyes, eyebrows and beaks at this viewing. Of course, in order for me to actually peer into the nest, I have to perch upon the boot bench while precariously leaning against the wall and squint through my reading glasses. So hurray, hurray, we that were few are now many. As soon as I can get a better look I will post pictures. The "boys" are quite envious and keep trying to fix up their nest and produce an egg or two themselves... It's not working.

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