Monday, August 10, 2009

Me and Max

I got to watch little Max tonight for a while while his mom and dad were out and about. We did really well while Papa George was home. Little max was a happy little camper until he stopped what he was doing, looked about and realized mom wasn't around. Then the brew ha ha began. I think the neighbors thought I was beating him. He didn't want to be held so he crawled (or swam) across the floor hollering, sucking on his binky which he can cleverly put back into his mouth, and then hollering again... I soon found that when he threw his binky I could move it a little further away so he could crawl and expend more energy. It seemed to work. By the time Carey returned he was a peaceful little fella. Of course all smiles when mom came in. What a hoot....

1 comment:

  1. next time i'll leave special baby treats... maybe he'll be happier for you then. thanks again!!